What does an editor do?


Whatever you need written, from a 140-character tweet to a complex annual report, I can research and write it fast.


Great editing ensures your content is logical, relevant and consistent. I contribute layers of logic that you’ve never thought of.


Proofreading is a specialised task, but one that’s often left to last or left out altogether. I can spot text oddities and inconsistencies that you would otherwise miss.

Thesis editing

When you’ve been working on a project for a long time, you cease to notice its quirks. Even if your subject is highly specialised, it helps to have a curious, questioning, insightful and independent opinion.

Content analysis

I can assess your content and provide constructive criticism and advice. You can then further develop your project with the advantage of an outsider’s perspective.

Quality assurance

You don’t need a senior editor on staff to get a dose of quality assurance. I can proofread and analyse a sample (or all) of your collateral.

Report editing and design

I’m not a designer by trade, but I am skilled in Adobe InDesign and can create stylish text-heavy reports and e-books. With MS Word, I can easily optimise the most complex document.