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Adam is one of the best writers and editors I’ve ever used. His ability is beyond brilliant and he’s great fun to work with. Highly personable, excellent work, fast turnaround and excellent value. He has the ability to work with complex technical data and make sense of it all.

If you need a rapid quote, contact me at adam [at] with your documents and I’ll do an immediate assessment.

FYI, quoting considers depth of service x number of words.

That is, I might quote 20 minutes per 1000 words for a proofread, or 60 minutes per 1000 words for a substantive edit.

If your budget is limited or fixed, we can adjust the depth of service but we can never escape the word count. More words = more time.

I look forward to working with you.

Adam Finlay
MA (Communications)
AE (IPEd Accredited Editor)

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