Writefish terms and conditions

Great work overall – huge thanks for doing it in such a timely fashion.


Authority to proceed on your job indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions on this page, and on emails, statements of work, quotes and invoices.


  • For new clients, I may require a 50% deposit.
  • For larger projects, I may require or negotiate regular progress payments.
  • I usually invoice fortnightly, at the middle and end of each month.
  • Terms are 14 days, clearly stated on quotes and invoices.
  • 30-day terms are negotiable for some clients.
  • Payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT) only.
  • I don’t issue statements, so please pay on invoice.


Australia enjoys strong intellectual property (IP) laws and moral rights obligations, which means I automatically own shared copyright in all the work I do until it’s paid for (at which point you then own the IP).


Writefish is committed to providing clients with services and advice that contribute to the client’s business objectives. However, the client remains solely responsible for any decisions resulting from such services and advice, and responsible for any business outcomes achieved or not achieved. In providing professional writing, editing and proofreading services and advice, Writefish assumes no management responsibility for the client’s business decisions, policies or practices. As such, the client agrees to hold Writefish free of all liability and responsibility for any client business actions or outcomes resulting from services, advice or information provided by Writefish.